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Happy Friday!

I’m so glad it’s finally here.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been one of those weeks.

Then again, it’s been one of those years, right?


Too soon?

Ok. Moving on…

Everyone has an excuse for why they don’t workout.

We’re gonna tackle that last one for a quick beat...

Most football players are incredible physical specimens.

They are strong, agile experts at their sport.

They train their bodies and minds every day.

They practice plays and study strategy daily.

They work with specialized coaches to design custom regiments to make them the best athlete in their given position on the field.

No matter how easy they make it look, they work HARD.

Do you think they always like showing up when it’s not game day?

Of course not. They LOVE it.

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

Football players have learned to love the process of practice as well as the game itself.

You can’t love just the product.
You have to love the process.
—Ann Handley

It’ll be awesome when you reach your next fitness goal, whatever it is.

But that’s just another finish line.

When you learn to love the process of getting fit (lifting weights, jumping rope, eating right, etc), reaching your goals gets even more satisfying.

And you’ll likely get there faster.


READ: Motivation is critical to success in life and in the gym.

I just picked up The Motivation Code by Todd Henry, and am excited to learn what my themes are and how they’ll apply to work and working out.

WATCH: Time is ticking away

Managing your time and daily priorities is harder than it looks (I don’t know why), but it’s not impossible. Matt Ragland introduced me to the idea of time blocking a long time ago and lays out a great way to plan your week (make sure to include your workouts!).

LISTEN: I like consuming new content that makes me think differently and challenges my beliefs.

I’d never heard of ranked choice voting before and I think this is an intriguing option to how we currently vote in America.

TRY: Planks are a boring punch in the gut and they aren’t the most efficient ab exercise.

Try doing mountain climbers from a plank stance to change things up and get a better ab workout. This free workout app has this exercise and 6 weeks of routines for you to try.

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Move your body. 🏃‍
Clear your mind. 🤯
Repeat. ♻️

See you next time,


Dad: Why was the ghost sad about the Halloween party?

Kid: Why?

Dad: He had no body to go with.​

P.S. This newsletter is sponsored by Crossrope. I hate cardio, but jump rope is a blast because it’s fun, burns calories, AND you get the cardio benefits minus the boredom and joint pain.

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